4 Things To Think About When Choosing Your Session Location!

1. Ask yourself- what kind of vibe do I want?

Are you thinking a field with rolling hills, lots of green trees, somewhere unique like a greenhouse? My best tip for this is to look at your photographers website, Instagram, or even Pinterest to gather some ideas on what you’d like to see in your own photos! Shoot you could even drive around your town to see if there is any particular location that catches your attention. Sometimes we overlook the magic that we see everyday. Plus you could grab take-out and make it a fun little date!

2. Is it accessible?

Okay so you drove around, you found the DREAMIEST spot – butttttt did you look and see if it was accessible? Is there posted signs all over? Is it legal to photograph there? Shoot is it legal to even be there? You can’t just walk on someones property – so always check first to see if you can be there! Often times, check with your photographer too – they may have a working relationship with a venue. Not to mention, some locations require the photographer to have liability insurance that way should anything happen everyone is covered. I am fully insured, and so should the photographer you go with.

(*Make sure you read my guide on what your photographer should have before booking!)

3. Is there going to be a lot of foot traffic?

Not a big deal – but is there going to be a lot of people around? Some people don’t like being photographed with others watching, or they may not want people in the background of their photos. So ask yourself, are you and your S/O cool with kissing in front of a crowd? I know in the summer for example, Taughannock Falls gets VERY busy – are you okay with working around people? Sometimes epic locations are worth it, but if not, then perhaps choosing an off season date, or waking up VERY early might be a better option… or choosing a different location entirely.

4. Is this a special spot to you?

This also is a solid question to ask yourself. Perhaps it was where your first date was, family land where you two hike, or a spot where you vacation every year (yes, I travel) or even a cozy in-home session, or a steamy hot-tub one! The possibilities are endless! Plus following this tip ensures that you two will in your element – which makes getting comfy in front of the camera even easier! (When in doubt, always go this route! It always turns out the best)

Book ya gal & I’ll show you ALL my favorite locations.

I want to know how your love story started. If it matters to you, it matters to me.