6 Essentials Your Photographer Should Have Before You Book Them

As much as I want every couple to book with me (because why wouldn’t you??) it’s not always in the cards. Sometimes the universe aligns in such a way that schedules don’t mix, or maybe my adventure and wedding photography doesn’t quite fit with your style. And that’s ok! We can still be friends, I promise. 

What I want is for everyone to have the photos they’re dreaming of, and that means booking with the RIGHT photographer. There are so many horror stories out there of someone planning their entire wedding to the finest detail, only to get pictures back that could’ve been taken by a toddler mishandling an iPhone. Your special moment, whatever that moment is, deserves so much better.

Shopping for a photographer is so important, because you want this to be an experience you remember. You should be glowing behind that camera lens! The photographer should be the most important vender there, (maybe this is a slight biased opinion) but at the very least if they don’t have these 5 essentials, you need to cross them off your list pronto.

1 – Google it!

I know this is the social media age, but legitimate businesses still need a google page with a professional website! If your photographer isn’t coming up in a search engine and you can’t find any albums showing off their work, something ain’t right. For all you know, a photographer is the second shooter (an extra set of eyes) for the main photographer. You would hate to book and realize you only got the sauce and not the chicken nuggets. An experienced photographer will have an entire menu to delight you with.

2 – Confirm legal business status.

It’s easy to find out if your would-be photographer has registered with the county or state. Asking questions like this will make sure you don’t get ripped off. It’s all too easy for someone to ask for a small deposit and then completely disappear with your hard-earned bread. Don’t get played.

3 – Check or cash?

If there is no option for online payments that can be tracked, like through PayPal, a bank, or credit card, RUN. See above, because they’re more than likely looking to scam you. Or, this is a side hobby and not a legitimate business that they’re paying taxes on. 

4 – Sign, seal, deliver.

Before you book and make payments of any kind, the photographer should ask you to read and sign a contract. Not only does that contract cover their butt, it covers yours, too. In a contract will be all the terms and conditions of the actual session, the ownership of the photos, and expectations between both parties. If there’s no contract, there should be no deal. 

5 – Liability is the Bomb.com

A professional photographer will also have liability insurance. Now why would a photographer need liability insurance? Sounds crazy, but we’ve got to protect ourselves against third-party nonsense. Sometimes things happen, like a tripod stand falls over onto a precious statue and shatters everything. Unlikely, but at least I’m protected against damage indirectly caused. 

6- Chemistry!

This isn’t science class, but a photographer and the client must have a good relationship. If you’re not relaxed and comfortable, no photographer will be able to capture amazing photos. You simply can’t force a smile or a laugh. Before you book, be sure your personality clicks with the photographer and you’re both on the same page before you get behind their lens. 

The goal is to find the perfect photographer for your precious moments. I love shooting couples and weddings, but you’ll also find adventures including family pets and ice cream. My photography can meet you where you are, so shoot me a message and we’ll talk more about how I can bring laughter and peace of mind to your next photo session. 

So if you ask me? Chemistry is definitely something essential a photographer should have before you choose to book with them.

I want to know how your love story started. If it matters to you, it matters to me.