A Celebration of Love: The Summer Wedding at Glen Sanders Mansion in New York

This summer, the historic Glen Sanders Mansion in New York provided the perfect backdrop for a celebration of love. The air was filled with joy and romance as Casey and Vic exchanged their vows in the presence of family and friends at this timeless wedding in New York. The picturesque setting of the mansion, with its elegant architecture and lush greenery, set the stage for a truly magical day despite the impending rain. Fortunately, the indoor backdrop was just as charming as the riverside!

What truly made the day unforgettable was hanging out with this awesome bunch of people on the dance floor. The air was buzzing with laughter, and the dance floor was on fire as everyone cheered for the newlyweds. It just showed how strong friendships can be and the pure joy of being around folks who truly want to see you happy. From classics like “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers to the traditional Italian dance, the dance floor was never left unattended!

Following the wedding and their last private dance, the couple opened up a speakeasy where they had specialized cocktails and a French fry bar! It was one unforgettable post-wedding event that I firmly believe everyone should incorporate into their wedding in New York!


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