Celebrate Your Birthday In Style!

Early 90’s babes are turning *30* over the next few years…

… or they have already, but for the ones who haven’t, Hannah cracked the code. She celebrated 29 & 1/2 in the best way possible, with flip cup, ride the bus, cake, fireworks, and a feaking bounce house. Honestly sending off your 20’s with a bang is a genius idea, and I’m just thankful she asked me to document this event. I personally, am 29 & 1/2 on Saint Patricks day soooooo maybe it’s not too late to order that bounce house? Hahah – jokes aside, celebrate the ending of your 20’s and the start of an even more beautiful decade with your friends and family is 100% worth it.

Oh and also? Hire (*me*) a dang photographer to document the moment. 😉

Turning 30 doesn’t have to be scary!

I want to know how your love story started. If it matters to you, it matters to me.