To Look or Not to Look: Exploring the Pros and Cons of doing a First Look on Your Wedding Day

A first look is a special moment on your wedding day where you see each other for the first time before the wedding ceremony. This can be a private moment or it can be shared with your wedding party and families! In this blog we’ll weigh the pros and cons to having a first look to help you choose what would work best for YOU.


1. More time for photos!

Having a first look allows for wedding party photos, and photos of you and your new spouse to be taken before the ceremony! Shooot – we may even be able to knock out some of your family photos too! With this it means you’ll have more time to enjoy the cocktail hour with your guests!

2. Calm nerves

Seeing each other before the ceremony can really help calm your nerves! You’ll have this private moment together and then be able to enjoy the anticipation of the ceremony without feeling anxious or overwhelmed about seeing each other for the first time in front of a large group of people!

3. More time with guests

After the ceremony, the couple can enjoy more time with their guests. They won’t have to take as many photos, which means they can spend more time socializing and enjoying the cocktail hour, mingling, and having more candid photos that you might have missed out on!

4. You look fresh af.

A first look means that you’re doing this shortly after your hair and/or makeup is done and you’ve just put on your wedding outfit. This eliminates the opportunities for sweat, hair to fall flat, or any spillage or creases to form in your wedding attire.


1. Tradition

Some couples may feel like a first look goes against tradition. They may want to stick to the tradition of not seeing each other until the ceremony.

2. Losing the moment

Some believe that the moment of seeing each other for the first time as they walk down the aisle is special and will provoke more emotion. Having a first look can take away from that moment, and may not elicit a strong feeling either way.

3. Time constraints

If you’re running late, a first look can add more stress to a schedule on an already stressful day. This may cause photos to feel rushed especially to get the photos done in time before the ceremony and then you may not have as much time as you’d would like to enjoy the moment.

4. No place to do it!

Sometimes ceremony venues will only allow couples to be on the premises 30 minutes before the ceremony if that’s the case it can be hard to find another location to do the first look if where you want to do it is where you are to be married.

In conclusion, a first look can be a great way for couples to share a private moment before their wedding ceremony and can allow for more time for photos, being able to have a snack (helloooo cocktail hour), and being able to socialize more with their guests. However, a first look may not be for everyone and you should weigh the pros and cons before making a decision for your wedding day. Ultimately, it’s important for you as the couple, to do what feels right for YOU on YOUR special day – and not worry about what anyone else thinks or wants!

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